About Us

about IMOF IFEANYI MCCHIMA ORJI FOUNDATION (IMOF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) devoted to assisting, empowering and helping the youths, less privileges and the unemployed living in the communities.

IMOF partners directly with other NGOs, Governmental Agencies and other Voluntary organizations/person(s) delivering humanitarian and development programmes to the societies in the country and nationwide to enable them to improve their standard of living and other essential needs. This is done by supporting, providing and empowering the masses on all necessary areas.

We also collaborate with national and international Non-Governmental Organizations, local initiatives who are willing to help and build the poor, youths and less privileges with empowerment programmes, capacity development programmes, providing relief materials to the needy and those affected by natural disasters.

Our Aims and Objectives Include:

  • To assist and empower the youths living in the society
  • To help the less privileges in the community educationally, financially, socially, medically and sport wise.
  • To assist in job placement, locally and internationally.